GEDitCOM II Beta Version

Links to the current beta versions of GEDitCOM II are given below, but please read the following before trying this beta version:

  1. You can download the beta version and store any place on your computer, but when you have two versions of GEDitCOM II on the same computer, the MacOS can get confused. To be sure you are running the beta version, double click the application icon to launch it and then open your file. Double clicking a file instead may run the old version of GEDitCOM (and the MacOS always seems to pick the one you do not want).
  2. When you first run the new GEDitCOM II, it will ask you to install resources. You should do the new "clean" install because of all the changes to the system resources, but this choice assumes you have not saved your personal scripts in the "System" resources of GEDitCOM II. As has always been recommended, all personal scripts should be in the "User" section and that section is safe during a "clean" install. If you are unsure, compress your current "~/Library/Application Support/GEDitCOM II" folder before running the beta and then all your previous files will be backed up if ever needed.
  3. If needed, you can always downgrade to previous version of GEDitCOM II just by running it again and installing its resources. You can go back and forth between old version and beta version by re-installing resources for each version each time your switch.
  4. When first running, you can consult the "What's New" to see the new features. Some highlights are:
    • All scripts have been converted to "Extensions" where an "Extension" is a file package that contains one or more scripts, a manifest file that controls some new features, documentation files, and any other files needed by the scripts (note that the new extension to download extensions does not yet work because the extensions for downloading are not yet posted on the web site).
    • Tree chart windows are now fully dynamic meaning any change you make, including family links, appear in any opened trees. In addition, you can control-click on cells or drop records on cells to edit your family links graphically in the tree chart window.
    • The help window was rewritten to avoid use of frames, to simplify each page, and therefore to work better with Apple's Help Viewer. One benefit of using Apple's Help Viewer is that the help can now be searched. Some considerations are:
      • If your help opens in Safari instead of Apple's Help Viewer and you want to try Help Viewer, uncheck the "Open Help in Browser instead of Apple Help Viewer" in the "General" preferences.
      • If help does not show up when using Apple's Help Viewer, you might have a help cache problem. To fix it:
        1. Open Terminal app (in Applications/Utilities folder)
        2. Type "rm -r ~/Library/Caches/*" and hit return
        3. Empty your trash in the Finder
        4. Try accessing help again in GEDitCOM II (may need to relaunch it)
      • If your are annoyed by the Apple Help Viewer window forcing itself in front and disappointed with the speed of its searches, please complain to Apple. People have been trying to get them to improve the Help Viewer since it changed a lot in MacOS Leopard (10.5). Its only benefit is the ability to search help documents.
    • User interface and "Default Format" enhancements.
    • Please send suggestions for more features or about problems in current features.
  5. Always work with a copy of your data. This step is just a precaution in case some bug in the beta version causes a corruption. Besides this possibility, all versions of GEDitCOM II can read files from all other version (I never understood why some large software companies can handle this simple task). Personally, I have been using the beta version to edit all my genealogy files without any problems.
  6. If you want to try editing browser styles (formerly known as interface formats) and writing the new extensions option, you should download beta version of the GEDitCOM Editor as well.
GEDitCOM II Beta Download
GEDitCOM II, version 2.0, 21 July 2014
Requires MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer and a Mac with Intel processors.
GEDitCOM Editor, version 2.0, 7 June 2014
Requires MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer and a Mac with Intel processors.

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