Download GEDitCOM II

Click a link below to download GEDitCOM II. The download is a 100% functional version with a trial period of 15 days (which is refreshed for each new version). Try it with your own genealogy data. After the trial period, GEDitCOM II can still be used in a free "reader mode."

GEDitCOM II Download Date Size (MB)
GEDitCOM II, version 3.0, build 2
This official release was developed in Monterrey and should be first choice to download for most people. It requires at least MacOS Yosemite (10.10).
This upgrade is free for currently registered users of GEDitCOM II. See release notes for more details on all the changes.
9 OCT 2022 9.8
GEDitCOM II, version 2.4
This official release was developed in High Sierra. It requires at least MacOS Yosemite (10.10). but anyone with 10.10 or newer should start with latest version first; only use this download if you have problems or need to revert for some reason.
This upgrade is free for currently registered users of GEDitCOM II. See this FAQ if you get a notice that the developer cannot be identified when trying to run the application.
12 Jun 2018 10
GEDitCOM II, version 2.3
This version is recommended for those with MacOS older than Yosemite (10.10). It should work back to MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard). For very old systems and/or non-intel Macs, see possible Legacy downloads.
See this FAQ if you get a notice that the developer cannot be identified when trying to run the application.
17 Nov 2016 10


To install, simply drag GEDitCOM II to your "Applications" folder (replacing any previously installed version).

To add options to edit browser styles and to do date calculations, drag "GEDitCOM Editor" and "Date Calculator" to your "Applications" folder as well. You can optionally drag them to a separate "GEDitCOM Extras" folder (which for previous users will replace previous versions of those applications).


When you decide to buy, you purchase a license to get a permanent unlocking code. Enter that code into the demo you already downloaded, which unlocks the full version. You do not need to download again.

Import Your Own Genealogy Data

The best way to evaluate GEDitCOM II is to try it using your own genealogy data. To import your own data, do the following:

  1. Start the other genealogy application and open your data file (Mac or PC)
  2. Find the option to "Export" the data to a GEDCOM file and save that GEDCOM file
  3. Copy that exported file to the Mac on which you have installed GEDitCOM II
  4. Start GEDitCOM II and open the file you exported in step 2

GEDitCOM II will read 100% of any GEDCOM file you give it. If any data is missing, it means the other genealogy application you used did not export it completely or correctly. Fortunately, most applications export in GEDCOM format well enough to get nearly all your data into GEDitCOM II.

If you do not have any genealogy data yet, try the sample files that get installed along with GEDitCOM II (click buttons in startup screen to open them). To see a tutorial, start GEDitCOM II and choose the "Quick Start Tutorial" command in the "Help" menu. In additional, more specialized tutorials are available on this web site.

Free "Reader Mode"

GEDitCOM II is provided as a free application for viewing GEDitCOM II files or for opening any GEDCOM file from other software and viewing that data. This free reader mode is provided as a service to any genealogist in need of a powerful GEDCOM file inspection tool. They can open any GEDCOM file, validate the data, an even run scripts to generate reports. Hopefully they will eventually see the value of GEDitCOM II and purchase a license. For those that have purchased a license, the advantage of a free reader mode is that they can send their GEDitCOM II files to friends or relatives and even if they do not own GEDitCOM II, they can use the free "reader mode" to view the data (but they will need a Mac to run GEDitCOM II).

The limitations of the free "reader mode" are that you cannot save changes made to files or run scripts that save the file or use the scripting command that exports GEDCOM data to files. These limitations only apply to files with more than 25 individuals.

Legacy Downloads

The current GEDitCOM II requires MacOS 10.6 (or newer) and Intel processors. If you have an older MacOC or have PowerPC processors, you may be able to find a prior version that supports them in the following links.

GEDitCOM II Download Date Size (MB)
GEDitCOM II, version 1.8 for Leopard
This download works in MacOS 10.5. It is out of date with current release but only one that can still run in MacOS 10.5 (or Leopard).
30 Sep 2012 9.0
GEDitCOM II, version 1.6, build 2 (Legacy Version)
This download works in MacOS 10.4 (Tiger) and with old PowerPCs chips. It is provided for Legacy users only and is not compatible with MacOS 10.7 (Lion) or newer. If possible download the current version above instead.
20 Feb 2011 8.9
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