GEDitCOM II Tutorials

GEDitCOM II has many features. This web page has tutorials on using some of them. For first-time users of GEDitCOM II, a good place to start is the "Quick Start Tutorial" built into the application. To access it:

  1. Start GEDitCOM II
  2. Choose "Quick Start Tutorial" from the "Help" menu
  3. You can read through the tutorial or click topics on the left to browse the rest of GEDitCOM II's embedded help information

For more help see below for tutorials on using GEDitCOM II and a separate page for tutorials on using AppleScript, Python, or Ruby scripts to create your own features for GEDitCOM II. More tutorials maybe added if requested. If you would like to see a specific tutorial, please send a request to

Tutorials on Using GEDitCOM II

The following tutorials are available:

Document Census Records in your Genealogy Data
This tutuorial give a robust method for including census record information in your GEDitCOM II files.
Linking an Individual to Their Facebook Page
This tutuorial explains how to source records to add links to an individual's facebook page.
Creating a Complete Book From Genealogy Data
This tutuorial explains how to create a full book from your genealogy data.
Collaborating With Family Members
If you and one or more family members all have GEDitCOM II, this tutorial gives one solution for collaborating on the same family tree file.
Export Subset of Your Genealogy Data
This tutorial shows you how to select any subset of records from your genealogy data and export a stand-alone GEDCOM file suitable for transmission to friends or relatives or for various other uses. The tutorial includes recommended extra steps to use when you want to transmit multimedia files along with the GEDCOM file.
Creating Web Sites
This tutorial shows you how to create web sites from all or some records in your file. It also describes alternative methods for web sites if needed.
Adding a Language to a Browser Style
One thing you can do with the GEDitCOM Editor is to add new languages to the "Browser Styles" available in the "Extensions" menu in GEDitCOM II. You can add languages without any programming skills, but you will need language skills. This tutorial explains the process. It is simple, but will require time to translate all key phrases.
GEDitCOM II Tutorials
AppleScripting Tutorials
See the separate page on Scripting tutorials for more tutorials.