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Script IconBy running the extensions (or plug ins) listed in the "Extensions" menu of GEDitCOM II you can access new features of GEDitCOM II and even create your own features. These extensions can automate editing tasks, create web sites, compile reports, and much more.

The following sections have groups of extensions for GEDitCOM II divided by their functions. Within each section, click "show/hide details" to expand or contract a description of that extension. The easiest way to download an extension is to run the Utilities→Download Extension command in the Extensions menu. Select the extension you want and click to install in system (default) or user domain of GEDitCOM II application support files. For a manual method, click the links below to download an extension, expand the download (if needed), and finally use the "Install Extensions..." menu command and select that downloaded file to install it. For me details on an installed extension, use the Documentation... menu command in the Extensions menu.

Editing Tools

These extensions help you edit your genealogy data, sometimes doing many tasks in a single click.

Extension Date
Ancestors To Album    (show/hide details)
This extensions moves all ancestors or a single line of either paternal or material ancestors to a new album. Once in the album, you can use any GEDitCOM II features for working with albums (e.g., export to a new file, etc.). A single paternal or material line might have uses for those involved in genetics research.
16 JUN 2024
Copy Reports to Notes    (show/hide details)
Reports generated by GEDitCOM II or by other extensions are not saved in your genealogy file (they can be regenerated whenever needed). If you would like to save one in your file, however, this extension will copy it to a Notes records. Once copied, you can link the new Notes record to other records and the new Notes records will be saved with your file.
16 JUN 2024
Edit Keywords    (show/hide details)
This extension can add or remove keywords to selected records or to various record types.
10 JUL 2022
Find Records    (show/hide details)
This extensions helps locate records related by various criteria. It can find disconnected records (which are maybe not needed in the file), find errors in lineage links, find by age at death or age at marriage, find similar surnames, find records with similar events.
24 DEC 2022
Edit Keywords    (show/hide details)
This extension can add or remove keywords to selected records or to various record types.
10 JUL 2022
Merge Records    (show/hide details)
This extensions provides computer-assisted merging of duplicate records, such as those that might appear after merging of files. Please refer to merging information in the GEDitCOM II help for all the details. A second option is this record is to merge NOTE records with identical content.
19 FEB 2024
Miscellaneous Tasks    (show/hide details)
This extension performs various editing tasks. You can select the task to perform from a list. See its documentation for mode details. Some examples are to change case of names, to check the "Has Died" check box when appropriate, to remove dates of living individuals, to sort all spouses, and more.
19 FEB 2024
Move Part of Place to Address    (show/hide details)
To gain the most benefit from the place record methods introduced in GEDitCOM II, version 1.7, it is a good idea to organize your places, which includes moving any address information you entered into place fields to the corresponding address field. The process is easy but tedious. This script makes it much easier. Simply select a place record and run the script. Any address text you delete will be moved to address fields for all records that refer to that place and the place name will be changed to the town-level (or higher) name you indicate.
10 JUL 2022
Repair GEDCOM Files    (show/hide details)
This extension can fix known issues in GEDCOM files obtained from other sources. The current options fix known errors from GEDCOM files created by Reunion, Family Roots, or and to fix dates in GEDCOM files from any source. The options in this extension are based on sample files and fix the issues in those files. Other issues may be found and can be added to these scripts as needed. You should always run a "Validate GEDCOM Data..." report on new GEDCOM file to detect issues or see if they have been repaired by this extension.
19 FEB 2024

Export Data

These extensions help you export data or prepare data for export.

Extension Date
Export vCards    (show/hide details)
This extension will export all or selected individual records to a standard vCard file (extension .vcf). Such files can be imported into application's like Apple's Address Book application. This script works well along with the "Address Book" format for editing residences.
10 JUL 2022
Move Memos to Notes    (show/hide details)
GEDitCOM II lets you attach short memos to any editing field, but these memos are often lost if the data is exported to a GEDCOM file and read by other software. If you want a better chance the other software will read the memos, run this extension before exporting to a GEDCOM file; it will move all memos to standard GEDCOM notes. It is no guarantee the ofter software will read those notes, but they will be more likely to be found.
19 FEB 2024
Share GEDCOM File    (show/hide details)
The options in this extension handle all the tasks involved in exporting a GEDCOM file in one click (followed by answering some questions), even including compressing the file for emailing to your friend or relative. If options available in this extension meet your needs, they are the recommended method for exporting.
16 JUN 2024
Web Site    (show/hide details)
This extension will create a complete, self-contained web site for the entire file including multimedia objects (in English, Swedish, or Dutch). There are tutorials on using this script and on customizing the resulting web site. Here is a sample web site created with this script. Many of the nice features (e.g., tables and pop-up images) were written by Simon Robbins.
16 JUN 2024


These extensions will draw maps from your genealogy data.

Extension Date
Event Places for Window Records    (show/hide details)
Draws a map with pins at locations for events and attributes in individuals and families in the current front window.
24 DEC 2022
Places in this File    (show/hide details)
Draws a map with pins for all or selected places in your file. A pop-up window for each pin will have a link to the place record and to a web site about the place (if available).
16 JUN 2024


These extensions produce many kinds of reports on your genealogy data. By editing these extensions yourself, you can create any kind of report you want.

Extension Date
Address Book    (show/hide details)
This extension produces a report in the form of the address book highlighting residence information for individuals. It is best used on selected records that have known residence events. This script works well along with the "Address Book" format for editing residences.
10 JUL 2022
Age Analysis Reports    (show/hide details)
The reports in this extension look at ages of individual and compile statistical reports about your ancestors. One report is for lifespan analysis and the other is for generational ages.
24 DEC 2022
Ahnentafel Report    (show/hide details)
This extension duplicates the built-in Ahnentafel report of GEDitCOM II. By having an extension version, however, you can edit the script and customize with options not available in the built-in report. For example, you can change the details or the format of the output for each individual or you can translate the report into any language.
24 DEC 2022
Ancestors Outline    (show/hide details)
This extension prepares a concise report for a user-entered number of ancestor generations of the currently selected individual. It is similar to a "Family Tree as List..." report in GEDitCOM II except you don't need to open an Ancestor Family Tree first and by editing the extension you can customize the output. The output can be to a GEDitCOM II window, an MS Word document, or a Pages document.
24 DEC 2022
Basic Charts and Reports    (show/hide details)
This extension has several charts and reports. They were all designed to print well and often leave space for entering new information. Such reports are useful when making a trip where your computer will not be available. When you choose this extension, you can pick from the available options, which include multigeneration charts or single page summaries of records.
9 OCT 2022
Check Sources Quality    (show/hide details)
It is essential to have good quality sources for your information. This extension prepares a report for all birth, marriage and death events (and related: baptism, burial, etc., events) whose source is absent, of poor quality, or has undefined quality. It works best if the SOURCE QUALITY (QUAY) field has been set for each source by the family historian. This script was contributed by Lindsay Crawford.
10 JUL 2022
Create Generations Book    (show/hide details)
This extension creates a fancy book from your genealogy data. The process involves typesetting the output files using LaTeX. All the details are given in an on-line tutorial and in the documentation of the extension.
16 JUN 2024
Descendants By Generations    (show/hide details)
This extension prepares a report of a user-entered number of descendant generations for the currently selected individual. The descendants are grouped by generation number (i.e., all children in "Generation #1", grandchildren in "Generation #2", etc.). By editing the extension, you can easily customize the events that are included in the output (see comments at the beginning to learn how). The output can be to a GEDitCOM II window, an MS Word document, or a Pages document.
    Another option is this extension is a report based on the clever system of cross-reference numbers invented by an experienced genealogist, very famous in Canada especially in Quebec, marist brother Éloi-Gérard Talbot (1899-1976). The report documentation has an introduction with more details about its content (and it can optionally be included in the report). The "EGT Report" version produces a report in a GEDitCOM II window. The "EGT LaTeX Report" version uses LaTeX to typeset the report and even does the typesetting for you (assuming you have standard installation of LaTeX on your computer).
    The EGT reports were written by Stéphane LELAURE. For further information on brother Talbot, you can read this book by Laurent Potvin: "Éloi-Gérard Talbot. Un généalogiste chevronné", published in 2008 and available for free in French on this website.
19 FEB 2024
Descendants Outline    (show/hide details)
This extension prepare a concise report for a user-entered number of descendant generations of the currently selected individual. It is similar to a "Family Tree as List..." report in GEDitCOM II except you don't need to open an Descendant Family Tree first and by editing the extension you can customize the output. The output can be to a GEDitCOM II window, an MS Word document, or a Pages document.
24 DEC 2022
Perpetual Calendar    (show/hide details)
This extension prepares a perpetual calendar that lists birth dates, death dates, and/or marriage dates for all (or selected individuals) for each day in the year.
9 OCT 2022
Timeline Report    (show/hide details)
This extension looks through all or selected individuals and prepares a chronological list of common events that have dates into a timeline report.
    This report was designed by Lindsay Crawford and translated by John Nairn to python to handle any size timeline and for speed.
9 OCT 2022
US-UK-Canadian Census Report    (show/hide details)
If your research involves census records, this extension will go through your file and make a list of all those with census information and all those that you might be able to find in a census. The cells for each possible individual under each available census will be color coded according to the likelihood of them being it that census. You can use the report to optimize your census research time.
    This report was written by Simon Robbins. The report is based on US, UK, or Canadian Census dates. If you edit the script and insert other census dates, the report could easily be converted into a census report for other countries.
24 DEC 2022


These extensions perform various utility functions that add new features to using GEDitCOM II.

Extension Date
Copy Custom    (show/hide details)
This extension copies basic information on each currently selected record to the clipboard. Once the extension is done, you can "Paste" the text any place that accepts pasted text, such as into an email message. GEDitCOM II has a built-in "Copy Special" command. You only need this extension if you want to customize the data that gets copied. Edit the extension to copy the data you want for each type of record. See extension comments for details.
10 JUL 2022
Download Extension    (show/hide details)
This extension lets you select any browser style currently posted on or any extension (posted on this page) and install it into GEDitCOM II on your computer. It is the easiest way to update and install browser styles and extensions.
16 JUN 2024
Print Selected    (show/hide details)
This extension will printed selected records in a browser style designed for printing. It will automatically switch to the selected browser style, print all currently selected records, and, when done, switched back to your previous format.
10 JUL 2022
Read Selected Text    (show/hide details)
Select any text in a record and use this extension to have GEDitCOM II read it to you.
10 JUL 2022

Export Data (Advanced)

These extensions help you export data or prepare data for export and are intended for advanced users. In other words, you will need to edit the extension and customize the scripts in the extension to meet your needs.

Extension Date
Custom GEDCOM Exports    (show/hide details)
The options in this extension provide some additional ways to export GEDCOM files from your data. They are normally only needed when exporting to other software that has limitations in their abilities to import GEDCOM data. One options uses a script that exports a GEDCOM file but has certain key decision points where you can edit the script (in GEDitCOM Editor) to create any kind of customizable GEDCOM exporting process. See the documentation of the extension for all the details.
29 Mar 2020

Import Data

These extensions help you import data into genealogy files. Because the way data are imported depends on the type of data, these extension require you to edit your data to conform to process used in the scripts. Alternatively, you can edit the scripts in the extensions to change its process to conform to your data. It is usually easy to edit your data rather than change the scripts.

Extension Date
Import Spread Sheet to GEDitCOM II    (show/hide details)
This script can input genealogy data you receive in a tab-delimited spreadsheet file and convert them to records in your file. It can solve the problem of getting lots of new data into your file without doing it by hand. See the comments in the script for steps need to prepare the file for import (you only need to label the columns with the GEDCOM tag name).
5 May 2024

User Contributed

These section has various scripts submitted by GEDitCOM II users. They would like to share them with other users.

Script Date
Descendants Report    (show/hide details)
Prepare narrative report of the descendants of the currently selected individual. The report can be displayed in GEDitCOM II or exported to a Pages document.
    This script was contributed by David Walton. It used to be part of the GEDitCOM II installation, but is now replaced by the new Descendants Generations Report (and separate versions for exporting to MS Word or Pages) when new AppleScripting features made in possible to write a faster script. The new reports are similar this original report.
13 Nov 2010
Open Scripts Folder    (show/hide details)
Shows the folder containing this script in the Finder. This script is mostly replaced by menu options in GEDitCOM II to open scripts and/or open scripts folders. It is included for potential use in other folders and as an example of using Finder commands in GEDitCOM II scripts.
    This script was contributed by Stéphane LeLaure.
13 Nov 2010

Python Modules for GEDitCOM II

These Python modules provide utility methods that Python scripts in extension can use to simplify the process of writing scripts. Modules cannot be installed by the "Install Extensions..." command. Instead, the downloaded modules should be copied to either the User or System section by copying to one of the following folders:

  ~/Library/Application Support/GEDitCOM II/Modules
  ~/Library/Application Support/GEDitCOM II/System/Modules
Module Date    (show/hide details)
This GEDitCOM II module comes with the basic GEDitCOM II installation. Since it is evolving, this download my have a more recent module than in the current install package. You can check your version by opening the script in the GEDitCOM Editor and looking in the comments at the beginning of the module. See an on-line tutorial for documentation.
16 JUN 2024
Lifelines Emulation (version 1.1)    (show/hide details)
This module turns Python scripting of GEDitCOM II into a platform for emulation of programs written for the genealogy program called Lifelines. After downloading, expand the file to get a folder called "Lifelines" and refer to the "ReadMe.txt" file in the folder for how to install and for where to find documentation. There is also an on-line tutorial on Lifelines emulation to help you get started.
24 DEC 2022

Submit a New Script

Any user who knows how to write AppleScript, Python, or Ruby scripts can write their own scripts to add new features to GEDitCOM II. You can write AppleScripts using Apple's Script Editor or edit Python an Ruby scripts right in the GEDitCOM Editor. To get started, you should refer to the "Scripting" section of the GEDitCOM II help window and also to the Tutorials on scripting GEDitCOM II on this web site.

If you do take the time to write a new script and would then like to share it with other users, you can submit it to for inclusion on this web page in the user-contributed scripts section or other section. The submittal process is:

  1. Control-click on your script file in the Finder and select the command to compress the file (e.g., "Compress 'MyScript.scpt' ")
  2. Attach that file to an email to and describe the script in the body of the email.
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