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GEDitMobile is a companion iPhone and iPad app for working with GEDitCOM II. GEDitMobile allows you to carry all your genealogy data with you on your mobile devices (Android and Windows coming soon too). This app currently displays all data and in the future will allow editing as well. Below are some features of GEDitMobile and how it works well with GEDitCOM II.

See below for instructions of exporting data from GEDitCOM II for uploading to GEDitMobile. For details on obtaining GEDitMobile and then using it with your GEDitCOM II data, see the separate GEDitMobile web site.

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Prepare GEDitCOM II Data for Upload to GEDitMobile on iPhone or iPad

Data transfer back in forth between your computer and GEDitMobile and between GEDitCOM II and GEDitMobile is done by using GEDCOM files stored in DropBox (which is a free cloud disk server if you do not have it already). To transfer genealogy data from GEDitCOM II to GEDitMobile, use the following steps:

  1. In GEDitCOM II, open your genealogy file.
  2. Choose menu command File→Export→GEDCOM Data.
  3. Select all radio buttons in the "GEDitCOM II" column. If you want to be able to view multimedia on your mobile device, be sure to include thumbnails. You can omit to have a smaller file, but then will not have any pictures on your mobile device.
  4. Click "Save". In the dialog box change name to have extension .txt instead of .ged and save to folder in your DropBox folder (the file is still a standard GEDCOM file, but GEDitMobile requires the .txt extension on the file).
  5. Note that mobile file size is limited by application memory on your iPhone or iPad available to GEDitMobile. If the file is too large, you can export a subset of your genealogy data (see GEDitCOM II help for details) or omit thumbnails.

in GEDitmobile, you can view virtually all genealogy data transferred from GEDitCOM II. You can even make some changes and transfer back (through a GEDCOM import) to GEDitCOM II. Once you have prepared you file as explained above, you open it in GEDitMobile as follows:

  1. On iPhone or iPad, start GEDitMobile
  2. Within the app, navigate to your DropBox folder (see the DropBox icon)
  3. Copy file save above from DropBox to the document space in GEDitMobile
  4. Choose the file in GEDitMobile and open for viewing
  5. See GEDitMobile web site for help on using that app.

If you make changes in GEDitMobile, you can save the changes, copy the file back to DropBox, and then import that GEDCOM file back into GEDitCOM II (if needed, change the extension to .ged before importing).