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The registration cost for GEDitCOM is $49.99, but this program is no longer being actively being developed. All new users should purchase GEDitCOM II instead.

If you really need GEDitCOM, you can order with the link below. After ordering, you will instantly get a temporary code to begin using the full version of GEDitCOM now. Your permanent code will arrive soon by email. Simply enter the purchased code into the version of GEDitCOM you got (or can get) from the downloads page.

Ordering GEDitCOM

You can pay by most credit cards or by using your PayPal account (if you have one). The process is to click the "Buy Now" button and then:

  1. To pay by credit card, click the "Continue" on the lower-left side.
  2. To pay using your PayPal account, log into your account on the right side.
  3. When done, be sure to click the link to return to "RSAC Software," otherwise you will not get your instant code (your pemanent code will still arrive in 1-3 days).

Last Updated: 7 June 2009