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PublishPlot Scripts

PublishPlot is a scriptable application. By writing scripts, you can create new features in PublishPlot for working with data and displaying the results. By linking PublishPlot to a scripts folder, you can copy your scripts into that folder and run them with a command in PublishPlot's "Scripts" menu.

But what if you are not a programmer? The alternative to writing your own scripts is to download and install scripts provided on this web page. You can browse the list of downloadable scripts below. To learn about any script, click on its link in the list. You will get a new web page that explains what the scripts does, how to use it, and how to downland the script to your linked scripts folder. Unless otherwise indicated, all scripts assume you are using PublishPlot version 2.4 or newer.

Available Scripts for Downloading

Numerically differentiating plots
This script numerically differentiates the selected plot and plots the result in a new plot.
Averaging curves
This option provides two scripts for two different ways to average a collection of curves and plot the results as a new curve with error bars.
Stacked Plots
This script replots a set of curves (or a set of bar charts) as a stacked plot. This option can help visualize certain types of data.
Creating plot movies
This script demonstrates how to use PublishPlot to create movies of plot animations.
Sorting plot data
This script sorts the data in the selected plot.
Finding plot mean and range
This simple script calculates the mean and finds minimum and maximum values for the selected plot over a user-supplied interval along the x axis.

More Scripts

More scripts will be added to this web page in the future as they become available and as new ideas arise. If any PublishPlot user writes a script they think others might find useful and is willing to share their work, you can email the script to the address in the "Credits" section of the PublishPlot help window. Include a description of your script in your email (similar to the descriptions in the web pages linked to the above list).