Creating a Complete Book From Genealogy Data

Using GEDitCOM II, you can prepare a beautiful and robust book from your genealogy data in a GEDitCOM II file. The book will be organized into chapters by generations, have a table of contents, an index, a bibliography of all cited sources, and include portraits of individuals. Click here to see a sample book created from the Windsors file included in the GEDitCOM II installation.

Starting with GEDitCOM II, version 1.7, the book creation process has been incorporated into GEDitCOM II to make it easier. In brief, you create new Book Style records, fill in the fields, select style options, and then click a button to create the entire book in one step. All the instructions that were in this tutorial have been incorporated in the GEDitCOM II documentation. To see them (in GEDitCOM II, version 2.0 or newer), use the "Documentation..." menu command in the "Extensions" menu and select the "Create Generations Book" extension from the pop-up menu in the documentation window.