George Wolfley


Personal and Family Information

George was born on 8 Jul 1807 in Daughin County, Pennsylvania, USA, the son of Ludwig Lewis Wolfley and Anna Maria Toot.

He died on 27 Dec 1879 in Delaware County, Ohio, USA.

His wife was Nancy Perry, who he married in ABT 1832 in USA. Their four known children were Robert (1835-1895), George (c1837-?), Ebenezer (c1843-?) and John M (1846-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


George Wolfley


Ludwig Lewis Wolfley


Johann Conrad Wolflein


Johann Martin Woelflin


Maria Margaretha Woelflin (mnu)


Anna Catherine Schockey


Anna Maria Toot



Birth8 JUL 1807
Place: Daughin County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death27 DEC 1879
Place: Delaware County, Ohio, USA