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  Date Calculator, Version 3.1

Date and time calculations for genealogists

Date Calculator - Macintosh Software for Genealogists

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The Date Calculator is a MacOS X application for many date and time calculations useful to genealogists. It is free if you are a registered user of GEDitCOM II. For others you can get it at the Map App store.

The Date Calculator has the following capabilities and more:

Acknolwedgement: Date Calculator uses the date conversion utilities written by Scott E. Lee. He has written a Date Convertor Web Site that converts precise dates between Gregorian, Julian, and Hebrew calendars. He has also posted an excellent Calendar Overview about those calendars. Most of his overview is included (with permission) in the Date Calculator help.



If you are a registered user of GEDitCOM II the lastest version of Date Calculator is included in your download of GEDitCOM II. For those not registered for GEDitCOM II, Date Calculator is available as a standalone app for download and purchase from the Map App store. The current version is 3.1 (as of February 2024).


Author: John A. Nairn
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